DnB morning: Becky Hill x High Contrast x Shift K3Y – Better Off Without You (Remix by High Contrast feat. Shift K3Y) #DrumAndBass

An unusual one for me this morning. Not that it’s drum and bass. Not that it’s a High Contrast remix. I’m a real fan of his ability to sprinkle magic (even on unpromising sources). It’s that this is a vocal track. But it’s delivered so beautifully in the remix that it’s an irresistible summer smash.

I’d never heard of Becky Hill from the UK. She was a contestant on The Voice, getting to the semi-final. She has the strong voice you’d expect of epic pop artists. The original of Better Off Without You is as uplifting and, frankly, slightly formulaic as you’d expect. But she’s also worked with a range of electronic artists (Rudimental, MNEK, Marin Solveig) and clearly isn’t afraid of a bit of light experimentation. The remix package for the single and especially the High Contrast remix are really very good.

The High Contrast remix lets the vocal lift you up before dropping skittering liquid drum and bass beats to offer a spaced feel. It’s a track that enjoys spinning you round in a burst of glitter. That’s before a bass line comes to darken thing momentarily before bringing the vocal back with top class house piano for that typical High Contrast moment of epiphany. A summer track of total euphoria. Let yourself go and be carried along by the sparkling verve on show by all those involved.

~ by acidted on May 4, 2020.

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