Instrumental hip hop with: GoodyxJames, and CJ Prime #HipHop #Instrumental

Sun’s shining. Time for some instrumental hip hop from GoodyxJames and CJ Prime.

GoodyxJames from the USA claims to be a product of Tom Joad and Luke Skywalker’s secret love affair. This may not be entirely true. What s true is that Wun4_ _King_ _Withers mixes hip hop and the music of Bill Withers into a lovely guitar driven soul groove. There’s a head nodding spaced out thing going on here. Problem is it’s so short as it’s only 1:25. But while it’s there it’s sunshine and luuurve in a bottle. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, CJ Prime is from Stockton, California. His track may be called Coffee Shop but it’s instrumental hip hop in a late night jazz lounge kind of way. The sound of the solo piano player in a bar playing for the few remaining customers finishing their last drinks. A please yourself kind of slow piano rhythm that rolls and ripples across the keys. Beats are there but pitter patter in a downbeat way, determined not to ruin the mood. A late night lost love affair and the broken hearted. Haven’t you lot got homes to go to, the only cry remaining. Fade to black. Ends.

~ by acidted on May 12, 2020.

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