Leftfield downtempo with Tummur, and Farafield #Electronic #Downtempo

A couple of downtempo releases with a bit of a leftfield twist from Tummur and Farafield.

Tummur says, “I am a electronic music producer hailing from Finland. I do mostly house kind of stuff but there is sometimes weirder stuff coming out too.” Welcome To Teepee is very much the latter. There’s bits of Badly Drawn Boy, Lemon Jelly and Kid Koala. It’s all terribly Ninja Tune of a few years back. Some strummed guitar chords open the track establishing that lofi and slightly ramshackle ethic before weird electronic bass bloops come along and then some warped hip hop beats. It’s all very cheery beardy. A note keyboard solo provides the track’s hook and just what you need to nod your head or tap your foot. Go wild, do both.

From the album We Shall Call Him

Now let’s switch to the other side of the world with Australia’s Farafield. They are, ” Liam Bloomfield & Giulia Farag, a Melbourne-based duo composing compelling electronic and neoclassical music.” Synchosis is very much in the electronic camp but you can get a sense of the classical from the way that the sounds are arranged. There’s a real precision here to the placement. Everything is in balance. It’s cool and slightly restrained. Perfect soundtrack to a Scandie Noir. If that makes it sound cold, don’t be fooled. Beneath the calming arrangement there’s an underlying passion for life. A real verve as the strings peek out and the keyboards lightly tinkle. It’s really, really beautiful.

From The Album Silkskin

~ by acidted on May 16, 2020.

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