Chilled hip hop with: Eleusis, para tú, and DJ Relax BGM #Chill #HipHop #Ambient

Keeping it relaxed this Sunday but with some hip hop beats rather than ambient per se. Tacks from Eleusis, para tú and DJ Relax BGM.

Eleusis is from Düsseldorf, Germany. He describes himself as, “a student of natural sciences at the Heinrich Heine university Germany, drawn to philosophy about any topic and engaged in guitar playing as well as an aspiring music producer.”

The track Just Over though owes more to ambient and hip hop than it does to guitar playing as such. It’s a slow, mournful track with its intro of, “I don’t wanna lie. I don’t love you anymore.” The beats have a ramshackle lost-in-a-breakdown quality that adds to the ache, The rest of the electronics offer slow ambient lament. That sort of beautiful sadness doesn’t come from nowhere.  He admits, “And yeah I kind of processed my last breakup a bit through this loftiness.” His pain is our pleasure. This is exquisite pain and hurt all delivered within two and a half minutes of lost in the moment beauty.

para tú is from Manilla in the Philippines. The track is Nomad from her debut Birth Tapes EP. It is a curious blend of styles that ends up in an accessible but rather unique place. The beats are lofi hip hop, maybe trip hop even. There’s jittering guitar and Rhodes chords that reach back into some shared past life. It’s all very laid back, back in the day and yet also here and now. It has a loping off into the fields quality that’s consistent with the track name. Coming in at just over two minutes it’s brief but while it’s here it’s well worth coming along for the slow ride.

DJ Relax BGM is from Japan and offers this as a bio, “Japan for sleeping, healing and relaxing. We provide a peaceful background music for those who want insomnia, motivation, stress relief and autonomic nervous system. It also has the effect of making the room space fashionable, so please listen.” I assume that means BGM is background music. That’s a bit harsh in my view. This isn’t music to do shopping to or passing the time in a café (remember them?). There’s a real beauty to the album ROUTINE BGM おうちでカフェ気分 リラックス ギターの おしゃれな音楽 作業用BGM from which Fashionable Music at home café guitar comes. It’s a three minute beautiful jazz guitar track with strums that almost replicate hip hop beats. It noodles around in ever-decreasing circles but creates such lovely patterns in so doing that it’s hard not to stop and stare. A slack-jawed moment of wonder. Obviously, it would be improved if you listen with a cup of coffee. But that applies to most things in life.

para tú

~ by acidted on May 17, 2020.

One Response to “Chilled hip hop with: Eleusis, para tú, and DJ Relax BGM #Chill #HipHop #Ambient”

  1. Thank you for posting my song this time!
    I am very happy!

    Please listen to it if you like it!

    This blog is also great, so keep reading!

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