Music for daydreaming with: Known Bug, Heritge Listed, and Cispia #Electronic #IDM #Downtempo

It’s a warm, daydreamy sort of day. Let’s have an accompanyingly dreamy soundtrack with Known Bug, Heritage Listed, and Cispia.

Known Bug (Péter Gritta (Adrift) and Andre Freego (No Whales, Pixel Cranes)) are a duo from Budapest, Hungary. They say, ” of roughly 6 months we put our debut album together, which was titled Fuccboi’s Anxiety. The tracks’ styles range from downtempo to even mild hints of bossa nova.” The featured track today is the nature-loving but alienated No Friends But The Mountains. Starts off almost a bit New Order with the bass wandering around on its own before some post-rock electronics come along in a dreamy daze to play. There’s an almost shoegaze shimmer to it all and the sense of real people playing real instruments never quite disappears from view. It’s all about long horizons, forests, clearings and glimpses of the world beyond. It’s an awestruck vision of where we’re going. Meanwhile, the bass carries on as idiosyncratically as a Peter Hook lead. Never quite relinquishing its position at the vanguard no matter how hard the beats try to forge ahead. If you’re in a city this is the sound of the natural world you can dream about.



Australia’s Heritage Listed offer Somewhere. This is a dreamy lofi house set of beats but given extra piquancy from fragments of guitar that pepper the track. Hardly a surprise that he used to be in bands. This debut single promises much for the future. It’s a bit sixties in the way the guitar drifts by, appearing and disappearing at will. But that’s ok because the rhythm track carries on regardless. It’s music for warm summer evenings and the far off smell of BBQ smoke on the breeze. No surprise that HL says, “the idea was conceived in the back of an Uber driving through a city on lockdown.” Everything is too much trouble now so why not just kick back with Heritage Listed for company?

Buckshot is the track from Cispia. This is Ifan Clark from Southampton, UK. It’s a clicky, dreamy ambient track filled with surface noise and reverb. The track gently vibrates as it drifts along. Wordless vocals harmonise far off in the background. This is a mix of IDM, garage and ambient. It’s a singular vision. A five and a half minute drift through a suburban landscape. Everything is that little bit out of sync and therein lies the genius of the track. Nothing’s in focus but you don’t want it in focus. Let’s keep the world at bay as a half seen blur.



~ by acidted on May 20, 2020.

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