Boring & Weird with: Telemachus – I Am Delicious And Cute. So I Will Go Buy Again #Electronic #Downtempo

It’s nearly the weekend, so let’s challenge ourselves with something that’s a little different from the usual run of downtempo tracks. South London’s Telemachus has a new album Boring & Weird Historical Music out today from which I’m featuring I Am Delicious And Cute. So I Will Go Buy Again.

Read on if you want but please give this a listen. It will reward you. This is the sound of running water. A bubbling spring on a hillside. Some Americana string guitar and beats that emerge from an ancient dubbed past. This is deep meditation. A calming oasis in a world of unsettling change. What any of this has to do with the track title is anyone’s guess. But that doesn’t matter. Focus on the sound. Allow yourself to become more centred. The hand bells heighten your sensations. You listen to deeper sounds set in the background of forests and the rustle of trees.

Because it’s a bit of a concept album, albeit one you can play when “your auntie comes for tea,” the album follows the narrative of a peculiar parable written by Telemachus (loosely based on Vietnamese folk tales) – and read by Indian actor Subhash Chander. So, this track ends with him going on about sex and apricot wine.

A beautifully strange track from a album of joyful exploration.

Available on vinyl (£23).

Boring & Weird Historical Music


~ by acidted on May 22, 2020.

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