Get ready for the weekend with: FNP, Lightex, and Folual #Techno #Synthwave #Melodic

It’s the weekend. Let’s get it off to an epic start with techno and synthwave tracks from FNP, Lightex, and Folual.

First up, East London’s FNP and Full Time Work, Part Time Income. This is a quite brilliant track that rather defies categorisation. It’s superbly leftfield techno, except for the house bits. Or when it goes indie and the beats verge on the dubstep. This is proper melting pot London all held together with a choppy neo-house piano sound. The production is seamless as it flits between styles, colours and emotions. Works wonderfully in my kitchen but would be even better on a big soundsystem. It takes the acid house promise of the late 80s into a new generation.



A change of pace with some synthwave techno from Lightex. From Italy, there’s no additional info disclosure about him, so let’s focus on the track. It’s called Solarpunk. Comes over all dystopian bass doom and 80s beats before breaking open into a cascade of uptempo synths. The mood generates an epic resistance fights back against all the odds sort of thing. Think Star Wars episodes VII-IX. But there’s nothing easy about this track. The darkness and menace of the bass is always out there. Death is around the corner. Pick up your lightsaber and rage against the dying of the light.

And lastly, also from Italy, comes the trio of Folual and their explosive track Saturate. This isn’t the flabbiness of saturated fats this is precise techno hardness. All muscle, no filler. A bit of a WTF track. This has no truck with slow gentle build ups. It starts as it means to go on with some brutal bassy beats. The track title gets repeated such that it imprints on your brain before it drops you down. This harks back to Dutch 90s techno of the DJ Misjah variety. And it stands up really well to such illustrious comparisons. It even has the self confidence to whip you to within an inch of your life with searing acid lines and hard techno bass infamy. Under-estimate this track at your peril. It will burn your ears off.

~ by acidted on May 23, 2020.

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