Quarantined Chronicles from the New Normal: A playlist by Joor Nitth #House #Techno

It’s always nice when old friends get in touch. Joor Niith contacted me offering a playlist for these strange times. Joor says:

Given the abundance of time to spare and the apathy this forced quarantine promotes, especially due to disruption of natural patterns, I’ve spent a few weeks finding good music (new and less recent, but always worth a listen) which I’ve compiled into a playlist.

1. Raito’s 2018 powerful old school Hardcore remix of this great track from Porter Robinson’s Neotrance project “Virtual Self”

2. Stiver & Gantz – Dead Dance: An hypnotic Future Garage lost gem from 2012, reminiscent of Burial’s best era. The whole EP is worth a listen.

3. Axxo Lott – Feel it Too: same year, same label. This time it’s a nice downtempo tune to chill out with.

4. Etch x Slice Provider – A Little Vibe: fifth of a 10 tracks album released in 2014, this remarkable collab makes you dive into old school grooves and glittering pads. Free download, don’t miss it!

5. AOTOA – Come on People: albeit accompanied by two worthy remixes, I find the original version of this future garage track from 2015 as the best of the whole EP.

6. Locklead – Madniz: very nice minimalistic Deep House tune from 2017, with Breakbeat influences.

7. Folklore – Flat 8: again from 2017, an old-school Drum ‘n Bass dreamy tune from French artist Folkolre, talking about whom I’d also suggest his latest track, “Miss The 2 Wisemen” released in March this year:

8. This splendid house track from 2014 is too reminiscent of Atlantic Ocean’s beloved tune “Waterfall” not to have its rightful place. Helps dreaming about night parties on beaches full of beautiful people, while sipping a martini. (Quarantine is causing weird side-effects!)

9. Let’s get back to 2020 to complete the playlist: not everything this year carries is awful. Take Direct’s track “Nobody Like You”, for example. Tagged as “chillout”, I’d rather say it’s a Future Garage from… the present.


~ by acidted on May 25, 2020.

One Response to “Quarantined Chronicles from the New Normal: A playlist by Joor Nitth #House #Techno”

  1. Thank you very much for your kind appreciation and hospitality, Sir! I forgot to ask, just out of curiosity: is there a track you like the most? Personally, I’m fought between #1 and #8.

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