Let’s go deep melody with: Klangplanet, and Singletrax #DeepHouse #MelodicTechno #NewMusic

A couple of tunes with depth and a melodic stance from Klangplanet, and Singletrax.

Klangplanet (Frieder Mollat) marks a welcome return with a new deep house track, Dream. The best thing I can say about this is that it harks back to the mid-90s and to a place where techno and deep house combined. And that’s a real compliment. It’s a beautifully psychedelic swirl of a track. The dreams are of a lush unreality. But they’re not upsetting or anxious. They’re warm and reassuring. The Rhodes chords give the track a lush depth and the beats are there but have a chill factor to them. Piano chords are softened and the whole thing rolls on until morning. This is a perfect deep house track. Utterly delightful.



Singletrax AKA Dj Tibz from Aix en Provence, France and the track is Tribute to Txitxarro. I’d never heard of Txitxarro but I think it is the name of a club located in Itziar, Guipuzcoa, north of Spain which is mainly dedicated to trance music. And that would be right from the trance techno stance of this track. It’s a six minute journey full of open air clubs and hands in the air moments. Synths whoosh around. Beats reach the necessary peaks. But nothing’s too brash or jarring. It’s unashamedly romantic, melodic and euphoric. But in these strange says we all need a bit of something to carry us to other places. This one does that beautifully.

~ by acidted on May 26, 2020.

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