Big sounds creeping up on you: Austrian Apparel – Hi Vis 5 #Electronic #Techno #Downtempo

Sometimes groove is good. That repetition is something to get lost in. But it can be something that pales after a while. Not so Hi Vis 5 from Austrian Apparel. This comes on and on in waves of shivering pleasure.

Austrian Apparel are, yes, from Austria. They are Dominik Traun and Sebastian Wasner a Live Electronic Duo from Austria. They say, “their main focus is to play a hardware only live setup.” There’s a fair bit of Orbital going on here, and some Boards of Canada. They says “On stage every sound is played live, without the use of a laptop or pre-sequenced synths. Austrian Apparel use live-loopers to add and subtract elements to the mix.” One can overdo the ‘live’ thing with electronic music but there is a definite freshness here. And a buzz at living.

Hi Vis 5 is an electronic indie rock song in some sense. It’s rhythms have more than a little guitar sound and structure to it. There’s a buzz and a dawning euphoria. It’s that scene in the film where our heroes are out-numbered but then we see over the hill and at the last minute that reinforcements are arriving. It’s a complete endorphin rush of all things good and positive. They say, “It totally creeps up on you and one never really knows when it starts and suddenly you’re completely sucked in. an obvious head nod to our all time heroes Boards of Canada but infused with the classic sonic wardrobe of Austrian Apparel.” I’d say this is for raving in the open air. All the thrills of a rollercoaster without the upset stomach. You want a rush? You want this.

Taken from the album AAplus

~ by acidted on May 29, 2020.

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