Ambient Sunday with: Sad Gemini, Hanna Ojala, and Skysia / Nifty Earth #Ambient #Downtempo #Electronic #NewMusic

A triple bill of chilled tracks from Sad Gemini, Hanna Ojala, and Skysia / Nifty EArth.

Sad Gemini says a little hello with Hello. Sad Gemini is from the USA but of him/herself only says, “I get my inspiration from Tycho, Minecraft and nostalgia.” This tune is taken from the Sunsets album. It’s a gently throbbing track. A tiny jewel-like offering, being over and doone in a smidge over 2 mins. Amid the throb of the bass there’s a string refrain of gossamer delicacy. Synths add to the piece before being scattered in the breeze. No sooner has it said hello then there’s the inevitable goodbye. But what a hole it leaves. Lovely.

Hanna Ojala aka H.M.O is from Finland and offers strange things. She says, “I am an artist who loves to surprise herself by combining elements which when put together create something completely unexpected. I call it “a divine coincidence.”” From the album Birds of Prayer comes the track Drops of Gravity. And, yes, the album is inspired by birds. Twittering of birds is warped into a central part of the track. It’s all a bit experimental. But in a good way. There’s a bubbling and bobbling bass overlaid with synth chords. Then come the birds all around and the rippling of synthetic strings which wow and undulate. It’s tuneful but exploring hitherto unseen spaces. All rather delightful.

From Jumpsuit Records in San Francisco comes Skysia with Shrine (Nifty Earth Remix). The track comes with the aim to, “provide a bit of solace and energy to those who need it most.” This is ethereal chill for which you don’t need a yoga mat. This remembers that beats are a good thing. It also remembers that solace comes with the human connection the wordless vocals deftly provide and the almost guitar sounding elements. This is a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark world. We need it more than ever at a time when the US President is happy to say, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” evoking sayings of racially charged unrest in the 60s. The world is depressing but this is cheery.




~ by acidted on May 30, 2020.

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