THree tunes for Thursday with: Enzalla, Oowets, and Kell Kellum #Ambient #Downtempo #Electronic

I’m having trouble sleeping at the moment. I hate the wakefulness. And the hope that more time has passed since I last looked at the clock while I wait for morning. I need something to soothe not challenge. Here’s three tracks that fit the bill from Enzalla, Oowets, and Kell Kellum.

Enzalla is Vince Bellanova from Milan, Italy. He makes beatless ambient tracks. Here’s Antartide from his Oceanic EP. He says the EP is, “focused on glacial landscapes and evocative, emotional soundscapes. Beatless, made only with my Op-1 and orchestra.” Antartide (or Antarctica) is a vision of snow and sea that is both beautiful and calming. There’s no hint of menace in the soundscape. This is a gently chiming track that is awestruck in the face of nature. It’s a muted palette of tones and sounds that lower the heartbeat and comfort the soul. Beautiful.



Next, music for sculpture. Oowets is Wasaburou Watanabe from Kagawa, Japan. The track is Shells from the Life & Space album. It was inspired by contemporary art and the nature of Kagawa Prefecture. He says, “This room, where the music plays, connects to the rhythm of the universe.” The track opens with deep temple bells before blending in Western synthesisers. It’s all akin to the slow deliberative movements of Tai Chi. All sounds feel as though the have a purpose and a place in the whole. It’s the sublimation of self into something more collective and profound. It risks drifting in places to wallpaper music but the temple bells bring you back to the crux of the past/present. Deeply meditative.

Finally, Kell Kellum and his new track Araminta. Kell is a pedal steel guitar player from the US. An instrument more used to C&W appearances (notwithstanding the appearance on KLF’s Chill Out classic) this is used cleverly here. It’s not obvious on first listen that there’s any guitar here at all. The sound has been stretched and twisted into an ambient drone track. It’s all hazy electronic tones and meditative moods, albeit Kell says, “Use it to meditate, get high, whatever you’re into.” It’s your choice.

~ by acidted on June 4, 2020.

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