Summer drinks music: Isaac Haze, Luchii, and Oh, My. #Instrumental #HipHop #Chill

After days of lowering skies and intermittent rain the sun has returned, shyly peeping through the clouds. I’m going to bank on drinks outside this early evening with an instrumental hip hop soundtrack from Isaac Haze, Luchii, and Oh, My

Germany’s Isaac Haze gets in the party mood with an old school approach on ACAP. The track celebrates ten years of PANDA and all proceeds of the 7″ are to social institutions in Germany. The tune give you scratching old style with B-Boy shout outs. The effect is all Kangol and Run-DMC. The track is perfectly blunted with a deep lazy bass line. If you’re gonna celebrate then this is the way to do it. Proper fly.

Let’s switch to Perth, Australia for Luchii and The Doppler Effect. That’s an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move towards (or away from) each other. The effect causes the sudden change in pitch noticeable in a passing police siren. And this is one of those short instrumental pieces, coming in at under two minutes. But it’s really rather lovely in the echoed effect as it mixes hip hop beats, a bit of scratching and some lounge electronica. It’s a beautiful beach time blend.

Third, we return to Europe for Let Ruins Be Ruins by Oh, My. This is Swedish artist Oliver Hullqvist. The track is aiming for a more downtempo end of the night feel. It’s built around some delightfully delivered acoustic guitar that lazily noodles its way through the track. There’s waves washing and slo-mo hip hop beats. It’s all sit-back-in-the-hammock and dream. It’s even a struggle to pour another drink. This is just so chilled and lovely that it’s a surprise when Oh, My says, “I wrote this song at the end of a very long and rainy winter in the southern parts of Sweden.” I’m going to forget the rain and focus on the warming sun and this track.

~ by acidted on June 13, 2020.

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