Two prog house tracks for a sunny day with: Cook & Stans, and Marcovits #ProgressiveHouse #House #Techno #Chill

It’s all summery so lets have some summery tunes from Cook & Stans, and Marcovits.

Germany’s Cook & Stans return with the ultra chilled prog house of Welcome To the New ISS. For a prog house track this starts off in a chilled and spacey synthwave kind of vein. But it develops over time to have that wide eyed wonder of 70s synthwave but with beats coming back in to offer a more space disco feel. It’s ridiculously optimistic and cheery. A completely nothing-can-possibly-go-wrong tune. At no point do we need to wheel out the, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” line. Step aboard and admire the view.

Marcovits is from Israel and offers Spotlight. This is pitched somewhere between prog house and melodic techno. It’s a psychedelic dreaming and hypnotic tune that generates massive amounts of tension and anticpation. It has a bit of a raw edge in the bass synth so nothing’s too comfortable here. That’s the nature of the spotlight, I guess. It adds melodic keyboards as it reaches for peaks and the sky. Everything heads inexorably towards a peak that offers sweet relief. But the track carries on onto the night as the spotlight passes away from you. Fickle fame.

~ by acidted on June 16, 2020.

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