Proper post rock with: Hans Thunberg – Renoflow #PostRock #Ambient #Instrumental

For me proper post rock has to have an ambient tinge. And it has to have a bit of sadness or melancholy or pathos. Hans Thunberg delivers all of these on Renoflow.

Hans Thunberg is from Stockkholm, Sweden. He has played guitar with various groups and projects in Stockholm since 1973. His music operates in the genres of ambient, new wave, post rock. And he’s an associate professor at the Department of Mathematics at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm).

Renoflow is part of a twin track release with Marconimusic. It’s a guitar-base plaintive lament. It’s all reverb and slow chords. It wanders lonely under leaden skies. Beats come from afar but awkwardly and half-hidden. The electronics verge on strings. It’s all terribly sad in some indefinable way. It’s not terribly clear whether sad music is helpful or unhelpful in lockdown days. But whatever’s the case this is rather lovely. Let it into your life.

~ by acidted on June 17, 2020.

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