Glitching things up with Ch4ins4w, and Ramxes #Glitch #IDM #Downtempo

A couple of tracks with a bit of North American IDM glitchiness to them from Ch4ins4w, and Ramxes.

Ch4ins4w is from Canada and takes inspiration from IDM, vaporwave, Brainfeeder label and Footwork. The track,  Waiting Room, is a bit of all that. And some other stuff. It’s an anxious dreamy opeing with synths fuzzing around a one note tense piano. It’s slow but tense. Everything is a bit out of kilter.

Hardly a surprise that Ch4ins4w says, “Waiting Room is meant to capture the human experience through the current global pandemic. how at times we find ourselves reduced to waiting and can’t help feeling anxious going through months of isolation, and how when the feeling of waiting becomes very real everything else becomes unbearable.” This is the pivot when your dreams become the stuff of nightmare. Imperceptibly at first, then more obviously. Bass lines lower away in the background. Synths rather themselves up to high ends. Nothing move too fast, or sometimes fast enough so the tension remains. Really rather an uncomfortable track.

Ramxes is from Houston, Texas, USA and offers the awkwardness of SH-288. This is taken from the Dystopic Silence EP.

There’s backwards sounds that creak around and wonky strings and synths. The beats tend towards the hip hop and then veer off at the last moment. Hardly a surprise that he has a background in hip hop and R&B. It’s a type of futuristic sound of late 80s electro with the added anxieties of the modern age. It never quite settles into any solid patterns maintaining a dense textured shifting sound.  Challenge yourself. Have a listen.


~ by acidted on June 24, 2020.

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