Pre-Friday strangeness with: markov_process – 002 #Techno #Ambient #Acid #IDM

I’m finding pre-Friday the hardest day of the week. Harder even than hump day. I need some IDM distraction. So let’s have Oakland, California-based artist markov_process with 002 from EP 2.

markov_process describes himself thus, “I’m into mixing and making an eclectic synthesis of deep house/dark-ass techno/grimy-as-acid and generally things that make you leave this planet/plane of existence for a moment. I’m not unique or special, but I love to make that narrow minded niche mine.” All of those good things find their way into 002. This is a creation not of the Three Good Things of Hugh F-W but the chuck-it-all-in approach of Jamie O. And it works. Brilliantly.

002 has an ambient dub techno under-carriage. It offers soft beats in an ambient way. But it also has jitters of IDM and the lost vocal elements of far, far deep house. It’s soothing and disorientating all at the same time. Found sounds echo and reverb away. Like the paranoid voices of my dreams. It’s lofi techno Jim, but not as we know it.


EP 2

~ by acidted on June 25, 2020.

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