Mixed blessings with: Non-Functional Harmony, T O C H E, and Max Day #IDM #House #Techno

A mixed set of track today from Non-Functional Harmony, T O C H E, and Max Day with sounds ranging from IDM, techno and House.

Non-Functional Harmony is a Berlin-based producer mainly operating around the fringes of ambient and IDM. But for new track C he’s got Broken Wires in to give it a remix. This takes the original somewhere darker and stranger. Broken Wires does mainly drum and bass. The tack is therefore a fusion of ambient IDM with some drum and bass elements. Gives the track an added dimension. Ambient chords drone away and offer drifting banks of sound. Meanwhile jittery synths scud about with the occasional echoed drum and bass beat for company. This gives it an unsettled and unsettling air. Properly challenging music.

To France next for T O C H E. Not Paris, for a change, but Toulouse. T O C H E are a duo Baptiste and Quentin. Their work is very melodic, blending ambient and prog house. Here’s the title track from their new Prélude Du Désespoir EP (tr. Prelude of Despair). It’s a 90s trance techno track taken down a peg or two into something more ambient and then twisted back up with some contemporary techno beats. TBH, there really isn’t anything very despairing here worthy of a polo neck and a Gauloise.  Instead, the track manages a melancholic epic quality with the banks of synths and beats allowing the track to intermittently soar.


Finally, back to the UK for Max Day. Inspired by Above & Beyond here’s prog house stormer Drift. This has that uplifting quality of the best prog house but without the need to go for cheap emotion. The found sound backdrop locates it in the here and now. Nonetheless, you can’t help being lifted and charmed by the beguiling, always rising, synth work. And the beats chug away like they need to giving the whole thing a really solid platform. It strikes a properly positive note to start your day.


~ by acidted on June 27, 2020.

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