Ambient Sunday with Illuminine, and Jason Barty #Ambient #Downtempo #AmbientHouse #Minimal

I love Sundays. A bit more relaxed than other days of the week. And I try to do everything to keep it that way and do nothing to get too excited about. This week, though, I’ve a tricky work call this evening. So it’s with relief that I can slip back into Ambient Sunday with Illuminine and Jason Barty.

Illuminine is Flemish composer Kevin Imbrechts from Belgium. He’s a neo-classical artist with elements of post-punk. He’s released a number of albums and also reworks by other artists. For Dear, Piano his initial idea was the same. But this time he decided to ask all the artists who influenced him on his musical journey. Without knowing most of these artists he simply texted them via their socials asking if they wanted to be part of this album.

Here’s Jameson Nathan Jones’ rework of Dear, Utopia. There’s still the crystalline elements of Iceland (where the original was recorded) in the track. It has a delicate glittering beauty and the fragility of your breath in the cold air. It’s all very neo-classical but with a gentle cinematic and organic feel. The three and a half minutes slip by in a trice.

South Africa’s Jason Barty returns with another beautiful track. Waterfall, is as the name implies, inspired by the rushing sound of waterfalls. It opens with an almost Japanese strings sense to everything. All very Zen. But then it gathers a reverberating bass sense of the pool at the base. It also manages a bit of a nod to the past in terms of being confident enough in the chill to use house beats and give it an early 90s ambient house tinge. It has a lovely confidently dubby sense of what’s what and that you’re going to stay the eight minute course in these social media distracted days.




~ by acidted on June 28, 2020.

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