Awkward chill with: Broken Ballerina, and Mi-Lo #Chill #Downtempo #IDM

A couple of chill tracks with something a bit different about them from Broken Ballerina and Mi-Lo.

Broken Ballerina is Jay Westfold from Melbourne, Australia. His background encompasses a common trail through rock and metal before ending up in electronic. His work is about sounds, as opposed to simple tunes. There’s an element of exploration and discovery that makes this a less than usual experience. The track is the strangely titled I Am A Forest.

The inspiration for I Am A Forest is our current situation. He explains that, “On the last weekend before restrictions came in to place for the Covid-19 Pandemic I wanted spend some time in nature and was drawn to a giant Californian Redwood Plantation Near my house. I took a recorder with me, just to see if inspiration struck and I’m glad I did as this is where I captured the field recordings used in this piece.” And yet what we get is something that makes no attempt to be organic or analogue. It’s nature processed through the heart of the machine. Beats are as synthetic as anything and synths bloop around oblivious to what’s going on. IDM awkwardness tumbles through the track shifting sounds in an angular manner.

This is chill constantly interrupted by the life of the machine. He explains that, “without even realising it, I was including this disruptive horn like synth layer punching through in the bass frequencies and little glitches on the periphery to disturb it all. By the end I felt a sense of relief, like I had created something that really felt like a stark representation of our current situation in isolation.” And that isolation ends up being the overwhelming emotion generated by the track. This doesn’t seek to soothe the circumstances but to exemplify them.

Mi-Lo is a London-based bass guitarist. The track is Patient. It’s not the bass focused track you might imagine. It’s a lovely tropical chill. It’s also another track inspired by the current circumstances. Mi-Lo explains that, “This song was made in quarantine as a response to an artistic brief by Plantain Papers magazine. They offered the word “STILL” as a starting point for artists to create and this song is my effort.”

Patient is therefore about waiting rather than being a victim or needing care. It has a central stillness that offers a beautiful oasis of calm. Wood block beats shuffle about with an almost dub sense. And there’s a kind of tropical vibe to the largely wordless vocals. Synths offer a lush melody to an already dreamy track. This is covid-19 as a kind of place for a reverie after which things will in some way be healed. It’s really delightfully beautiful. Enhance your life with this track.

~ by acidted on July 1, 2020.

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