Let’s get minimal techno with: Bryce Terry, and Father Space Cadet #Techno #Electronic #Minimal

It’s all USA today with tracks from Bryce Terry and Father Space Cadet. The mood is minimal techno but militant.

Bryce Terry music producer from Phoenix, Arizona. He says he’s into 80s sounding synths, low pass filters and tempo delay. Some of his work is in the synthwave vein but not this time.

Enter The Centre is a strange minimal space techno beast. It wanders in from synthwave borders only to spiral around a small unregarded yellow sun in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. It gets itself into a psychedelic ambient techno fizz. This gives an ambient sheen to everything but it has a restless and unpredictable nature. This is really very, very fine.



Father Space Cadet is from Brooklyn, New York but is preoccupied with more earthly concerns. His debut track, America’s Funhouse is a BLM protest full of anger, anxiety and awareness. The track is dedicated to, “MADE FOR GEORGE FLOYD, BREONNA TAYLOR, ATATIANA JEFFERSON, AURA ROSSER, STEPHON CLARK, BOTHAM JEAN, PHILANDO CASTILLE, ALTON STERLING, MICHELLE CUSSEAUX, FREDDIE GRAY, ERIC GARNER, MICHAEL BROWN.”

The track is IDM techno as a constant minimal siren of noise and confusion. Samples pepper the track and the atmosphere is dense, foggy and dank. Beats pound away. Synths have roughened edges. This is anxious late nights. Too bright days with their harsh glare. This is danger round every corner. This isn’t an easy track to listen to. But that’s the very point. What are you doing when you hear the siren?



~ by acidted on July 11, 2020.

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