Sunday is Ambient time with:4znek, and Project Tapeworm #Ambient #Drone #IDM

Ambient Sunday’s theme is time, specifically time to look back at what was and what could have been with 4znek, and Project Tapeworm.

4znek is from Philadelphia, USA. He mainly does stuff that’s EDM but this one is definitely ambient. Times Past is the track. It’s not clear if this is a positive look back at the past of a wistful or sad one. This is a very modern ambient. It’s a chilled version of almost trap / hip hop in the beats which have a high end synthetic edge that’s offset by some strings that risk being saccharine in other hands. They serve to balance each other out to take ambient forward in new ways. All a bit ironic given the track title. It’s all lush and yet not especially romantic. A track that says it’s time to move on.



Project Tapeworm is from the USA. It is the electronic side project of Inversions bassist Jade Joray Robbins, and inspired by the works of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, The Dust Brothers and John Carpenter. The track is Old Times. It’s ambient but with a hefty does of IDM. There’s a central synth that takes a mournful tone but in a way that’s fractured and worn. It has a sense of those spliced tape experiments of the early 80s in its lo-fi appeal. It’s only two minutes but ineffably sad with an indefinable sense of longing. Hardly a surprise then when PT says, “I made this shortly after my brother nearly died twice in one day due to his own vices. It’s kind of become a theme to all of the good, but broken memories.” These are the important things.

Taken from the album Dissonant Synthesis

~ by acidted on July 12, 2020.

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  1. Love the photo

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