Techno triple with: Karolinski, D-Moniq, and Marcovits #Techno #MelodicTechno #AmbientTechno

A triple bill of melodic techno this morning from Karolinski, D-Moniq, and Marcovits.

Karolinski (Karoline Hegrenes) comes from a rural background just outside Bergen, Norway. But she’s moved to Oslo. Her first offering I’m a supergirl 01 in 2018 is now followed by I’m a supergirl 02. It’s all very tempting to reach into her background to say this is full of pristine snow and fir woods. But that is really what it sounds like. It’s a delicate set of ambient techno sounds with a soft dubbiness which simultaneously manages a lovely precision. It’s all organic as much as it is machine music. Beats are far off in the distance. And in among the machine sounds are filtered vocals giving it an otherworldly feel. Really rather delightful.



D-Moniq is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. But he explains, “I am originally from Russia, but came to the US to go to college. As the 4 years came to an end I felt that it was the right time to compile an LP of tracks that I have been working on.”

The LP is Last Ride and the track I’m featuring is Wish Fulfillment. It’s a melodic techno track but with a dark centre. The vocal is sampled from a podcast on eco-socialism. This adds to the music to give the whole thing a balance between dystopian despair and a tiny touch of optimism. The beats and bass are dark but every so often a synth appears in epic or hopeful mode to remind us that perhaps all is not lost. And that things are darkest before dawn.

Wish Fulfillment

Taken from the album Last Ride

Finally, Marcovits. The track is Eterno, taken from Tour De Traum XIX from which we featured Happy Medium the other day.

This is more leftfield melodic techno. There are beats and peaks and things but this is rather more a headphones or home listening experience. It’s a complex layered track. There are lots of things going on all of which vie for your attention. And if that makes it sound a chore it isn’t. They’re all assembled in such a way as to bring maximum joy. Beats batter away in awkward shapes but in the foreground synths rise and fall in pleasing peaks. And in the middle distance all the interesting shapes writhe for all eternity.

Tour De Traum XIX

~ by acidted on July 18, 2020.

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  1. […] and mesmerising beauty to Karolinski’s work. That was apparent on I’m a Supergirl 02 in July and is writ large across the album and on it hurts. The tune is somewhere between ambient and […]

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