Ambient Sunday with: Trova x Dashii, La Claud, and Prospect Lux #Ambient #Drone #Chill #Lounge

Ambient Sunday runs the gamut of ambient drone, chill and lounge with artists Trova x Dashii, La Claud and Prospect Lux.

Trova x Dashii take on big themes of life and death. If you’re going to do that you’d better deliver. No point in life simply fizzling out. Trova is Emmanuel Hernandez from Carolina, Puerto Rico and Dashii from Southern California. The Life And Death EP is the result of their collaboration. The title track is a hazy, droney kind of thing. It sort of fuzzes into existence like a slowly breaking dawn. There’s a widescreen drama to its gently unfolding tones and the deep strings. But it also contains ominous undertones of decay making it a largely unsettling piece until it disappears into the unknown.

Life And Death (track)

Life And Death EP

Next. La Claud is a Neapolitan musician and producer. The track is Mandalay taken from her About Vega album. It’s a lovely mood piece. All dreamy IDM and jazz hop elements. Even adds a touch of exotica to things. An almost mythical quality. The piece has an almost lounge feel with the xylophones but without every quite disappearing into whimsy. It’s a complex subtle track despite its seeming simplicity. An utter delight to heart and head.

From the album About Vega

And so to Prospect Lux. He’s NYC native songwriter/producer Michael Spivack who is the composer for Amazon Prime web series “The Other F Word.” Sadly, means nothing to me. But this track does. Sharp Triangle is the tune from an EP of the same name. And it’s nothing of the sort. Its got a lovely sense of internal melody as the phases and phrases rise and fall. Never sharp or angular. It uses a clattery, almost IDM, set of beats that keeps it grounded. The synths try to fly off into the wild blue yonder but never quite manage it despite their iridescent colours.




~ by acidted on July 19, 2020.

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