Coronahouse with: Miqui Brightside – 19 More Days #DeepHouse #House ##Electronic

You can’t escape the influence of covid-19 on music. Artists are referencing it everywhere. Here’s a Spanish take on things from Madrid-based producer  Miqui Brightside. He’s inspired by artists such as Flume, Cashmere Cat and Jamie xx. The style is therefore very much in future beats with a polished and very melodic production. But it manages to add an extra layer of depth that some of that ilk can’t quite manage.

19 More Days starts with a BBC News sample about Spanish lockdown. An early leader in the devastation of covid-19 we looked on from the UK with little real understanding of what was to come for us. The tune is an instrumental one allowing you to place whatever emotion you want on it. For me there’s anxiety and jitteriness in the high end synths, but also hopeful elements from the ever advancing beats and the pace of the track. Miqui Brightside says of the track, “I gave it this title because it’s the amount of days that we were supposed to have left in Spain to come back to the streets and to come back to our lives when the first house arrest happened due to the virus.” The tune is the hope that this too will pass.


~ by acidted on July 21, 2020.

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