It’s the bass, baby with: La+ch – :p #Electronic #IndieElectronic #Synth #House

Let’s get Monday bouncing with this cracking twangy bass led track :p from La+ch’s new album QQ. The blurb says, “An instrumental album from multi-platinum producer La+ch, spanning genres of electronic, house and trap.La+ch welcomes the aliens to earth with his unique perspective of alien interaction.”

This is one of those nice surprises. La+ch is from Toronto, Canada and a multi-platinum artist. Apparently. I’m so out of touch I’d never heard of him. But :p is such a lovely track I had to post it. It’s only just over two minutes but worms its way into your affections. A bit like some of the sketches from Deadmau5 you rather wish it would be extended properly. Never mind. This track is build around an elastic bass line that occupies the centre ground of the track and mix. Around it are some beats that sit at the back to fill out the mix but otherwise need not detain us. And then there’s a wheezy set of electronics and disembodied voices. It manages to be wonderfully cheery. A perfect way to start your day.



~ by acidted on July 27, 2020.

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