Set the Sitar to stun with: Evan Hatfield – Confused Ravi #House #Chill #Sitar



Sitar works rather well with downtempo house. And here’s Evan Hatfield to prove the point with Confused Ravi from his new EP of the same name.

Some chilled tabla topped house beats hove into view with an East meets West thing going on  that’s all enriched with synths and a lovely use of sitar. This isn’t simple exoticism but a deeper use of sitar in a contemporary setting. As the accompanying blurb explains, “The track is inspired by the moment world-renowned sitar player Ravi Shankar finds out that George Harrison of The Beatles is coming to India to study sitar with him. Considering how, at that time, the West generally paid little attention to Eastern culture, it came as a great surprise to Shankar.” The track ends up with an almost deep house depth of feeling. This is full of smoky rooms and sinuous shapes. Writhe away to your hearts content.

Pinkturban · Evan Hatfield – Confused Ravi (Original Mix) [Pinkturban]

~ by acidted on July 29, 2020.

One Response to “Set the Sitar to stun with: Evan Hatfield – Confused Ravi #House #Chill #Sitar”

  1. I do like a sitar and tabla.

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