It’s too hot, let’s chill with: Lona and Toh Unga ##House #Acid #Chill

Under blazing skies and while waiting for the delayed Cup Final let’s get ready with a couple of perky but chilled tracks from Lona and Toh Unga.

Lona is from Bristol, UK and the rack is Tides. Of the track Lona says, “Tides is inspired by the movements of life, from movements of people and the ways in which they live their lives, to the natural movements of the planet.” And there is something very organic and swirling about it in the held synth tones. But there’s also a restless sense from the insistent beats and wordless vocal. Creates a nice bit of tension in the track which ultimately ends up somewhere slightly dreamy. Clever stuff.

Next, from France Toh Unga. This is Simon Magimel from Toulouse, France. He does techno and acid. And on c’est cool quand il fait beau he’s created a very special lockdown track. It’s a chilled lo-fi acid track that’s utterly delicious. He says of the track, “J’ai créé ce morceau pendant l’étrange période du confinement en France. J’ai cherché a m’évader en créant ce morceau, et a partager un mood plus joyeux et jovial.” (tr: I created this piece during the strange period of confinement in France. I tried to escape by creating this piece, and to share a more joyful and jovial mood.). And he’s done just that. This is a gentle chilled acid of a sort of Ultramarine vein. Acid lines burble away happily and the beats are mid-paced and not too far forward in the mix. A track to make you smile and forget your cares.



~ by acidted on August 1, 2020.

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