Ambient Sunday with: Lil Bunnie Ruru, 4lienetic, and Sebastian Schmidt #Ambient #Drone #Chill

A triple bill for Ambient Sunday from Lil Bunnie Ruru, 4lienetic, and Sebastian Schmidt. The mood runs from chill through ambient and drone.

First up is Lil Bunnie Ruru from the USA. Curiously they say they makes music inspired by images and colours. The track is soothe master. It’s a lovely chill dream track. The moods drift about. There’s a shimmering drone in the background and chiming almost dulcimer tones in the foreground. The mood is chilled and day dreaming. The colour is lemon and pale blue displayed in hazy sunlight. Oh, and Lil Bunnie Ruru says, “I wrote soothe master for my teddy bear for being my best friend through tough times.” Because we all need something to help us through tough times.

Next, 4lienetic from Mumbai, India. He makes meditative and ambient music. And that’s very much what you get here on Jotunheim. This is ambient but with a very strong drone focus. There’s no beats to speak of. It’s all about held low tones that have that expansive wasteland feel. All a bit chilly really. Flutes play slowly and droney. It’s a meditation verging on a dream. But edgier than that sounds. Hardly surprising that it was written during quarantine, it has that anxious undertow.

Taken from the Waking Life album

Finally, but in no way least Sebastian Schmidt. His work owes much to Brian Eno. The track is the retro named and inspired 1977. It’s a stately slowly revolving track. Tones are held but eased off just before it becomes drone. There’s a wide landscape and far off radio noise. It’s a piece on disassociation. The world kept at arms length. A wrapping yourself in the warmth of those tones. But welcoming the distance they provide from a world always trying to intrude. Music for introverts everywhere.


~ by acidted on August 2, 2020.

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