Dreaming of electric sunshine with: Dyamur – Mirror Morph #Ambient #Synth #Chill

Found myself looking at blue skies and marvelling at the constantly shifting shapes of the cloud. From slower moving fleets of Zeppelin’s to grazing elephants and furrowed rows of while tilth and back again. No wonder Constable loved painting them.

Austria’s Dyamur provides the perfect Viennese soundtrack to such daydreaming activity on Mirror Morph. It’s a mix of sci-fi synths and whirring, wheezing electronics. A regular chiming of cumulus nimbus and the jitter of cirrus. The track is taken from the Shapes of Consonance album. This explores, “the morphology of forms of aesthetic in nature and art. Mirror Morph is thus a visual illustration of this morphology.” Magical music for morphing on meteorology.

Taken from the album Shapes of Consonance

~ by acidted on August 4, 2020.

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