The Dreamer Awakes with: El Jibs – Fiction #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic

I’m on holiday but it’s all a dream in this covid-19 world. What is holiday? Why is everything not the same? What is normal? El Jib wrestles with these post-lockdown questions on Fiction.

El Jibs is the artist name for Jake “jibs” Wall, a musician, producer and, he says, “an avid lover of the rain.” Fiction is another track produced in response to Covid. But this time less about lockdown than what comes after. As El Jibs says, “With most of us having been through a lockdown, we came out the other side into a fictitious world. One that no longer feels real.” That explains the dreamy downtempo textures to the track and the tinkling almost magical air to it all. A bit Indian vocal, some lascivious movie samples (care of Vincent Price) and some jittering beats. It’s all rather strange. Leery but lovely. A fractured summer hit.

~ by acidted on August 5, 2020.

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