Downtempo trio with: Digitonal, Recable and Astral Vertigo #Downtempo ##Chill #Electronic

A morning of hazy sunshine needs some chill tracks to burn the clouds away and deliver on the promise of a sunny day. Here’s Digitonal, Recable, and Astral Vertigo to do just that.

Digitonal are a long-standing duo from the UK. And The Dance’s Pattern is the new single form their forthcoming Set The Weather Fair album, due out in the Autumn. The track mixes a neo-classical approach to the piano with the processed electronic clickiness of someone like Max Cooper. It also share’s Max’s love of mathematical precision. You sense the underlying complex patterns which in no way lessens the beauty of the track. It has a delightful sense of harmony and being at peace with everything, even in times of change.

Next, the return of Recable from Australia. I’ve no more info on him(?) than I did last time. The track, Quick Humps, is unadorned by any sort of explanation. So feel free to add your own, whether about sleeping policemen or frantic friskiness. Either way, the track has a gentle almost drone beauty. Beats are there but in the far distance. The foreground is occupied by synths that almost have a trance air. It’s all whooshing wheeziness and lonely fairgrounds. Music for afternoon hammocks.

And so to something Scandie cosmic from Gothenburg, Sweden’s Astral Vertigo. Nothing chilly or having a sense of Northern climes on Navigating Through The Void. It’s a warm and enveloping astral chill track. Taken from the Red Horizons EP this track is, “Inspired by sci-fi culture and the human exploration of space, Astral Vertigo is on a mission to bring the universe closer to you.” There’s a sense of 70s synth throwback but without any backwards sense. That’s added to by some wandering guitar as we aim for Mars. There’s a sense of outer space as a positive experience. A sense of wonder and adventure. Come onboard.

~ by acidted on August 8, 2020.

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