What’s your flavour? Pomme Rouge – Cosmic Crisp #House #Electronica

Did you know that crisp flavours can tell how old you are? For the 60 and over group ready salted (the longest running flavour) was most popular, with almost half of respondents voting it as their favourite. For the 40 to 59 year olds cheese and onion ranked first (40 percent) and salt and vinegar for the 25 to 39 year olds (35 percent). The youngest age group (18 to 24) had the most varied result. I love this piece of research by Statista. But I also love Cosmic Crisp by Pomme Rouge. This is a lovely spacey house electronica track.

Pomme Rouge are from the Lebanon. They are an electronic musical duo, “whose studio process is dominated by an analog performance approach naturally translating from their experience on stage.” I hope they and their families are ok after the terrible incident in Beirut. Cosmic Crisp is taken from their debut 4-track EP, including three original tracks and a remix by veteran German producer Tobi Neumann, recorded and produced during a month-long residency at Riverside Studios in Berlin.

The track is a strange spaced out affair. It mixes elements of cosmic synth with some Berlin cool and a dash of leftfield electronica. A bit like Worcester sauce this shouldn’t work. But it it does, brilliantly. There’s a sense that this track goes where it wants but to an unseen but pre-destined pattern. Everything falls into place perfectly. The synths wow and flutter in the vastness of space. Meanwhile, almost beats crunch away in a grounded fashion. And then the lead synths chart the way giving the track an off-centre focus. Come on this six minute journey.

From the First Bite EP

~ by acidted on August 11, 2020.

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