Tropical days and night with: Eran Hersh & Katrella – In This Together #House #TropicalHouse #NewMusic

Six days of London temperatures above 34 degrees with nights not getting below 20 degrees have left me tired and scratchy. Apologies to those from countries or places where this is common. But this isn’t how the UK is supposed to be. I need some gentle soothing. And on the menu is Eran Hersh & Katrella with a lovely bit of tropical house on In This Together.

This track is a US/Canada collaboration with Florida based Eran Hersh working with Canadian artist Katrella. Now, truth be told, I’m not really one for tropical house. It can all get a bit lush and syrupy, like the fruit filled dregs of a dodgy cocktail with an umbrella and fruit in it. But this track is a delight. It manages to be light and airy. It’s warm without being over fussy. There’s a sense of space and possibility in among the complex structures. Sounds whoosh about, stop, and restart. Everything has its place and there’s a sense of sinuous groove to the whole thing. Properly perfect beach or BBQ music. This track makes you feel good. And that’s to be welcomed.


~ by acidted on August 13, 2020.

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