Drum and Bass Duo with: Byrone Lehmann, and Mykool #DrumAndBass #DnB #Dance #Electronic

A couple of drum and bass tunes for a dreary Saturday morning. Both of these from Byrone Lehmann and Mykool are guaranteed to put a bit of pep into your day.

Byrone Lehmann is from the UK. He’s a motion designer – not sure I know what that is. No matter. Let’s get on and enjoy Polyplay. This is an unashamedly upbeat drum and bass track. It’s full of the joy of the season. It ascends all over the place. Like an irrepressible bouncing ball this is full of fun and love of life. The synths are a bit trancey and perkier than a small child who should have gone to bed hours ago this one is going to be up all night. Whether you like it or not. Lots and lots of fun.

Mykool is also from the UK and has a new Billet Doux // Blackwater release out now on the ever-reliable Nu-Venture label.

The track I’m featuring is Blackwater. It is, as its name suggests, a rather dark and uncomfortable track but with a smooth liquid flow. Ethereal vocals wander about. Synths are dreamy. But the beats are jet black and razor sharp. Mykool says of it, “Blackwater was made with moody intentions and a darker vibe in mind, using Rhodes chords designed to incite a chilled and mellow flavour, to perfectly compliment the contrasting deep bassline with it’s raw powerful Reese sound.” You’d better dive in while you still can.


Billet Doux // Blackwater on Bandcamp

~ by acidted on August 15, 2020.

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