Music of the dancing electronic insects with: immrcy – dream leakage #IDM #Electronica

It’s Monday. Let’s get something less usual out of the box. Here’s Texas beatmaker immrcy with dream leakage from the de(com) [exo] album. Never understood why avoidance of capital letters is very IDM but no matter.

immrcy says that dream leakage is, “a beat about a detailed dream, leaking and unraveling uncontrollably.” Perhaps, says I. To me this is more music of the micro scale. A place where it’s the mandible of ants clattering and the legs of grasshoppers clicking that provide the sounds and rhythms of the natural world. A squirt of gossamer here and a butterfly wing flutter there. The colour of fire ants and the slow ripple of woodlice. There’s lots of clicky noise at the starts that has that exoskeleton quality. A drifting dreamworld of tinkling sound. Eventually, it lift itself up from the ground to float around in guitars and strings before settling again. Just lovely.

~ by acidted on August 17, 2020.

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