Gloriously strange electronics with: Orbitfold – Potential #IDM #Electronic #Garage #Breakbeat

Before we head into the weekend, which is a long one here in the UK, let’s stop and stare at Orbitfold. For Potential is one of those tracks that doesn’t sit easily in genre terms. In fact, it revels in sprawling ungainly across a number. Oh, and a bit NSFW language as well.

Orbitfold is Vytautas Jancauskas from Munich, Germany. He’s been making music for 20 years, mostly post rave experiments. But I know no more than that. And, in a way, that’s great because we’re free to focus on the tune. Potential is a glorious mess of a track but filled to the sprawling brim with messy distain for convention and a joyous approach, including ‘that’ sample (from The End Of The F***ing World).

He claims Potential as garage. But I’ve no idea why. It’s a big banging future house track. Beats are lo-fi but forward in the mix. A bit breakbeat in places. Synth chime away in riotous chords. Things fizz around, pots are banged, Barriers crumble, empires fall, The Karmadrome’s inside us all. Just brilliant.


~ by acidted on August 28, 2020.

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