Deep house dreamer returns: Tim Engelhardt First Contact (Mentat Remix) #DeepHouse #MelodicTechno

Hard to believe that it’s over three years since I featured some Tim Engelhardt. And even more surprising that he was first featured here in 2012 when he was only 14. How time flies and how they grow. I’ve always lovely his warm organic deep house tracks. But today I’m featuring a remix of his work by Mentat.

The original of First Contact is a classic Tim Engelhardt production. It’s a leisurely eight minutes of deep house with a techno twist. It operates in a dreamy, spacey kind of techno way. It has an inner complexity that belies the surface smoothness.

The track was the subject of a remix comp. UK producer Mentat remixed this track for Poker Flat as part of their 20 year celebrations remix contest, winning a release on the label. His version is almost as long as the original but the beats have been tightened so it sounds pacier. It’s more a techno track and has lost a bit of deep house softness. But what’s not been lost is that spaced out sense of the track. Despite that the track feels simultaneously taut and a bit edgy. Super techno stuff.


~ by acidted on August 29, 2020.

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