Triple chilling with: Neology, Stereo Fear and Widespread Noise #HipHop #Instrumental #Chill #Dub

A triple chilled treat of largely instrumental hip hop from Neology, Stereo Fear, and Widespread Noise. Prepare to be relaxed.

Neology is probably from Indonesia and offers the helpful bio of “uhhh yeah we make tunes.” Which is a relief as if they made jam you’d have nothing to listen to. You Have To Leave is a superb example of the chill-hop genre. It’s super-relaxed on the beats and lets some gentle guitar make the pace of the track. This is allied with a rather saucy sample at the start which says “Let’s just go home, even make love… and then you have to leave.” No idea what film it’s from. But it adds a suitably languid sultry air to the track. Fabulous.

Stereo Fear is from the USA and chooses a jazzy path on Around The Block. The track is taken from the album All The Time. The tune is gentle hip hop beats with a jazz trumpet taking most of the melodic strain. There’s a nice shuffly percussion accompaniment and even a bit of scratching. It’s all totally peaceful. This block is taking a well-earned rest before the merry-go-round starts again. Jump onboard.

Around The Block

All This Time LP

And so to the return of Widespread Noise. This is a project from Noah Peterson but involving other collaborators. The featured track is The Boomerang Nebula. It is taken from the Elements of Nature album. This is a spacey, slightly dubby, track. This is chilled beats which have a bit of a hip hop essence but without being constrained by it. There’s a deep resonating bass and dub chords among the pinging whooshing sounds of electronic space. This is the vastness of space but revelling in it rather than fearing being so far from home. A deeply reassuring track.

The Boomerang Nebula

Elements of Nature

~ by acidted on August 31, 2020.

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