Lunar lazing with: Mark Natale – I Fainted on The Moon #Chill #Downtempo

There’s some late September sun today and I’m not in the mood for anything too energetic. So, you can have this lovely chilled track from Mark Natale.

Mark is from Dunellen, New Jersey, USA and says he grew up in “a small train town.” His work often has a nostalgic quality. And there’s an elegiac quality to I Fainted On The Moon with its moon landing samples that are fast receding into history and beyond so many people’s lived experience.

The tune uses a strummed guitar with an almost country feel. In so doing it manages to link Wild West to Outer Space. But it’s also in awe of everything. It’s hardly a surprise that Mark says that, “this song was inspired by a dream I had.” It has a woozy take on everything. It’s all a bit hazy and just a touch out of focus. But things and sounds drift by just beautifully. Why don’t you join in?


Mark’s track is part of this chilled playlist

~ by acidted on September 5, 2020.

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