Pretend there’s some sun with: Dojo Man – One Amore #Balearic #Chill #Electronic #Downtempo

They promised us sun. A last glorious sun filled weekend. In which case why am I looking at grey clouds scudding by? I’m going to pretend that there’s a warming last blast of summer by putting on One Amore by Dojo Man. I might even sit in the sand pit at the park and sip cocktails like I’m out on the beach. Parkkeeper, you have been warned.

Dojo Man returns from the UK to fill you full of late summer grooves on One Amore. This is a classic bit of Balearic grooving. It’s a beach tune. Nothing too energetic but enough to nod your head and stimulate the occasional waving of hands in he air. This is full of peace, love and unity. It’s a psychedelic, hazy, slightly stoned kind of tune. The beats and Rhodes stab along in a dubtronic manner. The tom toms pitter patter away and the spoken vocal is lost in the background. The focus is on you and the groove and your relationship with that groove. Ultimately, this offers dopey grins all round.

~ by acidted on September 12, 2020.

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