Ambient Sunday with: Borky, Arturo, and De Moi #Ambient #Chill #Downtempo

A Sunday ambient threesome with Borky, Arturo and De Moi. They run from perky to bored to chilled.

First up is Hamburg, Germany’s Borky with Dreams. I don’t know about you but my dreams, if I remember them, aren’t usually good. But Borky is clearly in a different space. This is dreams as some thing so perky you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t think of a simile but t’internet offers “as perky as an Arsenal fan after they win a match.” After yesterday’s result against Fulham that’ll do. This is banks of ascending synths, a celestial choir, almost synth pop beats and more optimism than you can shake a stick at. Feel good music par excellence. An injection of pure adrenalin. If you want your day to run at 110% give this a go.

After optimism comes the inevitable comedown. This is provided brilliantly by Arturo. Perhaps from Germany but the track Deep In Ennui was created in Spain. Artuo explains, “June 4th – 11th, 2014 – Summer, Barcelona. Shacked up in a studio apartment accompanied by a newly acquired pile of gold secondhand vinyl finds, the Italian / American classic novel “Ask The Dust“ by John Fante, a Roland 808 & a Juno-60. Countless all nighters creating and the days spent by the water, where Fante’s pages were consumed. Rhythms were programmed and patches altered.”

The track is one of dark noir. A bit cinematic in an indefinably sixties black and white kind of way. A quintessentially European feel. Lots of late night cigarettes and half drunk glasses of cheap red wine. The track has a dubby slow moving quality. Sounds ripple away on reverb. It’s all quite trip hop. It strays towards a jazz sense but never quite gets there. The beats have a dark crunch but never quite arrive in IDM. This is happy playing on its own. But you’re welcome to join in.

After optimism and pessimism comes acceptance. And that’s what we get with De Moi. From Prague in the Czech Republic, Enamoured II is a calming thoughtful piece. Hardly surprising then to find that De Moi says, “I have been composing since 2007. Although it may seem like a weird thought at first, studying music theory, mastering a variety of instruments, and incorporating mathematics are all ways for me to evoke the emotions I want to evoke.”

Enamoured II is a deeply emotive piece. It has a hissing wash in the background and everything revolves slowly. But it also has heart. An organic texture in among the machine made sounds. Synths throb like some sort of pulsating life force. And it quivers with emotion. Beneath the calm is boiling humanity.

And if you want more calming sounds, try this playlist

~ by acidted on September 13, 2020.

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