Waking Up Again with: Drune – Vågner Igen Igen #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic

Like death warmed up. Usually metaphorically but in this case literally. That’s Drune with downtempo chill for you this morning.

Drune is from Denmark and offers Vågner Igen Igen, which translates as ‘waking up again’. It’s a track taken from Drune’s near death experience, on which more shortly. The track is a woozy but ultimately epiphanic experience. There are plucked violins to start with a strangeness of noise in the background. Beats come along in faltering steps. Children play far off. But everything is still listless. All very dreamlike. And then things start to come more into focus and less disembodied. The strings have an uplifting quality, as if everything’s going to be all right. Delightful experience.

As to the near death experience, Drune explains, “Last year I went to the dentist to have two wisdom teeth removed. She pulled them out, and afterwards my head was really heavy and hurt. I went to the pharmacy to get my medicine, and got some kind of morphine before I went to my dad’s place. In the evening I started to have some struggles with my balance. I could feel a high from the medicine. I was lying on the couch chilling, and suddenly I got the idea to go to the kitchen to look for the teeth. On my way I started to feel more dizzy, and when I got the glass with my teeth, I hear this weird massive noise. It’s like violins made out of steel coming to my head like a riser in a song. It blows me over and i hear these children’s voices, and then it’s all dark! Around 30-45s I woke up with my dad’s face right up in mine. He told me that I fell in the kitchen and stopped breathing. He gave me first aid and then I woke up. My dad read the description with the medication, and saw that a side effect was heart attack 1>100.000, and that’s was what happened to me that night.”

~ by acidted on September 14, 2020.

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