Get the hyperspace hypnotism with: Jay Triana – Visitors #Techno #Breakbeats

Let’s take on hump day with something to boost you into the second half of the week by Jay Triana. Techno and breakbeats are the order of the day.

Jay Triana is from Miami, Florida. But this isn’t the usual Miami scene sunny dance music. This is dark and twistier than that. Visitors is a super piece of techno breakbeat. It has that spacey air accentuated by the old sci-fi samples which are skilfully used to enhance rather than overwhelm the track. They’re not allowed to detract from the fusion of breakbeats and acid techno lines. Yes, this is a bit 90s in its approach but expertly done. Allow yourself to get the hyperspace hypnotism.

~ by acidted on September 23, 2020.

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