Rain, rain go away. Let’s have some downtempo today: Dser, Andrew Rothschild, and Noti #Electronic

What a horrible day. Rain, rain and more rain. In a steady pour against flat white skies that lies like a blanket of scuffed marshmallow. Let’s have some warming downtempo with Dser, Andrew Rothschild, and Noti.

Dser is yet another taken from the Swiss Rhuba compilation. Oort Cloud is the album’s closing track. It’s all your come downs rolled into one. A slow instrumental hip hop track that takes things so listlessly it’s almost ambient. But the beats just about find a way to keep going alongside a kind of xylophone plinky plonky melody. This is proper duvet burrowing territory, preferably with a fondue (a toasted cheese sandwich will also do and might make less of a mess in the bed). Proper chill.

Andrew Rothschild returns with Nature Therapy from his forthcoming seven track Forest Blue release. This is that odd genre organic house. Still not sure what it’s meant to mean. But no matter. This is delightful light house with the focus on a lovely plucked guitar that gives the track a humanity and centre. Less therapy from nature than a celebration of it. Hardly surprising then that Andrew says of the track, “I made Nature Therapy with the vibe of needing to get out to nature when things start building up.” Perfect uplifting house music.

And back to Switzerland for the final track of the three. This is Lympha from Noti. This is the name for Benjamin Noti, a Basel-based producer and musician.

The track is taken from a five track release easing. It’s all terribly relaxed. There’s nothing out of place. Nothing awkward. It’s all reassuringly smooth like a bar of Lindt. Guitars are plucked. Beats are soft and not too intrusive. Harmonies float far off into the middle distance. It flirts with something too lounge for its own good. But the complexity and assuredness of the lush production keeps it the right side of the line. Fabulous afternoon hip hop luxury.

~ by acidted on October 3, 2020.

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