Ambient Sunday is droning on and on with: Egopusher and Bending Time #Ambient #Drone #Electronic

I’ve never been much one for drone. It rarely moves me with it’s long tones. I get too easily distracted. My attention wanders. But to prove there’s nothing so contrary as an old Acid Ted here’s a couple of ambient drone tracks from Egopusher and Bending Time.

Egopusher is drummer/producer Alessandro Giannelli and violinist Tobias Preisig from Switzerland. Their work is in that niche that combines ambient’s fondness for limited noise and held tones with classical music’s penchant (especially cinematic classical) for something momentous and dramatic. And those things collide on Faint the closing track from their second album Beyond.

This is classical pushed hard against drone. It’s full on closing credits music. There’s drama filled with emotions that range from disappointment to horror at the unfairness of it all amidst a backdrop so vast that your insignificance is magnified until it hurts. It’s a properly cosmic track. Hardly a surprise that they in their accompanying blurb reference 2001: A Space Odyssey. This takes that film as its starting point and then extends it light years beyond. Can you listen and cope with the futility of existence?

Next we move to the USA for Bending Time. Not one for the limelight the only background we’re offered is, “Bending Time works in a very small studio in a remote rural area of upstate New York. Bending Time creates music for meditation, inspiration, and imagination, with influences from electronica, nature, orchestral works, and all types of improvisatory music.”

The track is Vessel taken from the five tracker Chrononaut. I’m assuming chrononaut is a posh way of saying time traveller. The track is certainly traversing something that if not actually cosmic definitely verges on the cosmic scale. But it manages to do so in a beautiful and slightly unobtrusive way. The synth tones aren’t obviously seeking your attention. But the pitch and hold are subtle enough to gradually dawn on your consciousness. An electronic synth festival of pleasure. This makes the track a delightfully subtle experience.

From the release Chrononaut

~ by acidted on October 18, 2020.

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