Ambient Sunday on a Wednesday with: This is (Not) Beethoven – Adagietto – Matthew Herbert Mediterranean Dub #Ambient #NeoClassical

Welcome to Ambient Sunday on a Wednesday. I couldn’t wait until Sunday to bring you this extraordinary piece by Matthew Herbert who offers a remix of the classical piece Adagietto by The Is (Not) Beethoven.

It must be nigh on 10 years since I wrote about Matthew Herbert (aka Dr Rockit) and he’s gone off to film scores, multi-media and the like. But he and I have reacquainted ourselves over classical music. Specifically The Is (Not) Beethoven. This is a duo comprising composer Arash Safaian, who is from Tehran but now in Germany, and pianist Sebastian Knauer.

They’ve taken the second movement in Beethoven’s 7th Symphony from 1812 and created their own piece Adagietto. Matthew Herbert’s remix takes it into ambient territory by slowing everything down and stretching it out to nine minutes. It’s called a Mediterranean Dub but there isn’t really any dub and it isn’t a sunshine piece. It’s more desolate and far away than that. Everything is given a hazy, slightly dreamy, sheen. This is ambient for the lockdown generation. Welcome back Matthew. Good to meet you again.

~ by acidted on October 28, 2020.

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