Bring me sunshine with: Apta – Sun #Chill #Downtempo #Folktronica

The weekend forecast is for light cloud, heavy cloud and rain. Sun? Not so much. It’s therefore a pleasure to be reminded that the sun will reappear sometime. Here’s Apta with Sun.

Apta is from Manchester, UK and has the loveliest biography, “Apta works in Piccadilly Records in Manchester, one of longest running and respected record shops in the UK, if not the world. After work he makes music, and whilst sleeping he dreams about synthesizers and guitars.”

Synthesisers and guitars is what 20 is all about. It is a distillation of what was originally two six track EPs (Home and Sun) but ended up as an 8 track release. Sun is beautifully relaxed, which rather comes from the enforced idleness of lockdown. Or if not idleness then the space to create. Sun is a lovely wistful track starting with twinkly synthesisers. Guitars follow along in a lazy stroll. It’s all terribly organic and reminiscent of Lemon Jelly at their best (and there’s a cover of The Staunton Lick to enjoy).

A lovely track from a delightfully crafted album that tickles all your pleasure centres.

~ by acidted on October 30, 2020.

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