Drum and Bass exercise with: Aeneas.2020, and It’s A Trick #DnB #DrumAndBass

Let’s have a bit of a drum and bass morning with tracks from Aeneas.2020 and It’s A Trick.

Aeneas.2020 says he was, “Inspired by the greats of the first explosion of punk, new wave and post-punk (The Specials, PiL, The Clash, Joy Division and Gang of Four), Aeneas.2020 wants his music to make people dance AND think.” The track is Welcome To The New Night. It’s a strange drum and bass track in some ways. It has the skittering beats but is more of a chilled track than you’d expect. It’s lit by the flickering sounds of perfectly pitched strings that come like sparks in the night. And it wafts about with a trip hop loucheness. A dark syrup of a track.

From the album Without Others

Next, It’s A Trick is a London-based producer. And the track is The Warning, produced during lockdown. Which it looks like we’re going to need again.

The Warning itself is about only being in for exercise otherwise please go home. It’s A Trick says, “The warning samples the lockdown warning van that was in our local park early on in lockdown.” The beats are energetic and razor sharp. It’s a pumping claustrophobic explosion of a track. Brilliantly realises the contradictions of lockdown. A pandemic race through semi-deserted streets. A zombie apocalypse of a track.

Available on bandcamp https://itsatrick.bandcamp.com/album/the-warning

~ by acidted on October 31, 2020.

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