Ambient Sunday has shifting moods with: Andrew Rothschild, Lake Union, and Anders Ekert #Downtempo #Ambient #Drone

I don’t know what the Covid situation is where you are but last night the Government announced a month long lockdown for England (assuming enough English Conservative MPs will vote for it on Wednesday). The other parts of the UK have been in their own version of lockdown for a few weeks now. The pandemic is making the UK feel more federated by default. Anyhow, enough geo-spatial politics. Let’s have some ambient with Andrew Rothschild and Lake Union on the upside, and Anders Ekert on the we’re-going=to-hell-in-a-handcart side.

I’ve stretched the Ambient Sunday definition a bit to include Andrew Rothschild. But I could wait no longer. Andrew’s stuff is usually a downtempo thrill. Yorros is no exception. It’s taken from Andrew Rothschild’s forthcoming album – Forest Blue. I can’t wait for the album.

Yorros starts in a folktronica manner with some lovely plucked strings to give an organic, verdant sound. Beats shuffle along hesitantly behind. But as the track unfolds it becomes stronger and contains tinges of epic adventure. And yet the use of a melancholic cello reminds us that not all is right with the world. Andrew says, “Yorros was actually a song that was about expressing your apologies/condolences but not knowing how to properly put it into words. The name Yorros itself was actually something I came about the first day which I meant as sorry backwards, then later realized I added an extra ‘o’ subconsciously and just ended up running with it down the road. ”

In summary, this is quite, quite beautiful.

Next, remaining in the USA and also in downtempo but tending more towards ambient here’s Lake Union with Arriving. Lake Union is Ben Noble from Minneapolis and Arriving is taken from the Dark Matter release. It’s a groove focused track that has its central refrain roll over and over to a hypnotic effect.

The track has a slow dark throb to it. It uses drone in an almost ambient folk setting. It’s all terribly washed out, washed up but still dreaming. It has something ineffably sad at its heart. A secret from which it can never truly escape. It’s written into the bass that provides the central dark matter of the track, despite the best efforts of the strings.

You can always rely on Sweden for something awkward and gloomy. And that’s what Anders Ekert provides on Sot. He’s been part of the collective Pluxus. Anders has also been the main photographer for Flora & Fauna over the last ten years.

The track is taken from the album Vid sidan. If the previous two tracks were trying to be positive about lockdown, Sot is the grim reality. It’s a slow tolling dark drone, an experimental creak and groan. The track pauses to reflect but there’s no escape from this claustrophobic existence.

Enjoy your Sunday.

~ by acidted on November 1, 2020.

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